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RedOne Fiscal Agent provide financial managment services (FMS) for individuals receiving personal assistance in their home who choose self-directed services.


Redone Fiscal Agent is a distinguished fiscal employer agent in the state of Minnesota. Our expertise lies in collaborating with self-determined, self-directed individuals and programs that rely on home care assistance across various communities in Greater Minnesota. To learn more, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at +1 866 256 2027

Participant Employers

Direct Care Employees

Funding Partners

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Populations We Serve

At Redone, our clientele typically falls within the following categories.

  • The Individuals with Community Alternative Care (CAC) Waiver
  • The Individuals with Community Access for Disability Inclusion (CADI) Waiver
  • The Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver
  • The Individuals with Brain Injury (BI) Waiver
  • The Individuals with Elderly Waiver and the Alternative Care Program serve people age 65 or older.

Our Services

Services For Participant

Redone collaborates closely with individuals and employers who opt for the self-directed care model to remain in their homes, as opposed to the conventional approach of receiving care in a facility. We assist participants in the management of their employees, handling all the necessary legal and administrative aspects associated with their employment.

Services For Direct Care

Redone offers a range of employee services, encompassing Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), payroll management, tax compliance, and notifications concerning program requirements such as certification due dates and expirations.

Documents &

Both participants and direct care employees will discover our carefully selected resource list to be both convenient and beneficial. If you need assistance in comprehending the terminology used within our industry, please visit our Education page.

For more details on the exact services Red One can provide, see our responsibilities below.

RedOne’s Responsibilities

The Roles And Responsibilities Of Each Member In The Self-Directed Model Fiscal Intermediary (RedOne) Responsibilities

  • Facilitates the enrollment process for participants, employers, and employees by gathering all essential documentation required by the IRS, state, local taxing authorities, and the Department of Labor.
  • RedOne ensures compliance with all employer and employee tax withholding and reporting obligations. This encompasses managing employee payroll deductions, handling employer payments, and submitting both employer and employee taxes to state, federal, and local tax authorities on behalf of the employer.
  • Manages and generates employee W-2 and 1099 forms for vendors and subcontractors.
  • Supplies reports and account statements that enable the employer to monitor spending plans, including authorizations and budgets.
  • Administers payroll processing and subsequently invoices the funding source.

Funding Partners

Redone could not do the work we do without the financial backing of our funding partners. We work with programs at the federal and state level, as well as managed care organizations, county programs, and Veteran’s programs. Together we provide a unique individualized level of service through a compassionate, personalized agent model of care. Level of service delivery is tailored to meet each participant’s needs.

Our Mission Statement

Redone Fiscal Agent facilitates freedom, choice, and opportunity through innovative fiscal agent solutions.

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For participant employers, Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) offers a streamlined solution for time tracking, benefiting both employees and employers. Accurate time submissions compliant with EVV are efficiently recorded through a robust software platform you wish. to explore out EVV further, please reach out to RedOne Fiscal Agent at +1 866 256 2027.


RedOne Fiscal Agent is a leading and well-established full-service fiscal management service provider in the state of Minnesota, specializing in supporting individuals who opt for self-directed care. For inquiries, please reach out to us at 1-866-256-2027. Our fiscal agent services are available across the entire state of Minnesota.

Terminology Defined


RedOne is the fiscal agent that assists you in effectively managing financial and other employer-related responsibilities associated with your self-directed services. Please note that RedOne is not the employer.

Case Manager/ Support Coordinator

A program-assigned individual who collaborates with you to coordinate the intricacies of your self-directed program. Please note that this role's title may vary depending on the specific program's terminology.


The employer is the individual responsible for recruiting and overseeing the staff providing services to the participant. The participant may also assume the role of the employer.

Fiscal Agent/Fiscal Intermediary

RedOne offers payroll processing, tax-related services, vendor payments, and various administrative functions as stipulated and authorized by the funding program.

Payment/ payroll services

Processing payments and tasks related to employees.

Plan your Care

The plan, developed in collaboration with your case manager or support coordinator, outlines the participant's objectives and the means to achieve them. It is tailored to the participant's preferences, choices, and capabilities, giving them control over their services. This plan specifies the quantity, kind, and duration of authorized goods and services.

Support planner

A professional who assists individuals with the long-term services and support (LTSS) support planning process. Qualified professionals in this role may include certified assessors, case managers, and care coordinators.

Community support plan (CSP)

A documented summary prepared for all individuals who undergo an assessment, regardless of their eligibility for Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) or their decision to receive publicly funded home and community-based services or state plan services. This report offers an overview of the assessor's findings during the assessment procedure and outlines the subsequent actions to be taken according to the individual's requirements.

Service Authorization

Documentation outlining authorized services, service codes, and the allocated quantity in terms of units, hours, or monetary value for the provision of goods and services as outlined in the service plan.


Direct care employees are individuals employed by you to deliver services to the participant.


Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is utilized to accurately record the caregiver's time spent providing care to the participant, as mandated by regulations.


An individual receiving services authorized by the funding program. The participant may also act as the employer in certain cases.

Vendor Services payments

Processing payments and tasks related to vendors.

Program Administrator Or Funding Source

The entity responsible for program and/or Waiver funding management.

Support planning

An individual-focused procedure that assists individuals in recognizing and obtaining social, health, educational, vocational, and other assistance and services tailored to their unique values, strengths, aspirations, preferences, and requirements. This process promotes the utilization of technology, informal assistance, formal services, and resources. The support planning process is formally recorded in both the Community Support Plan (CSP) and the Coordinated Services and Supports Plan (CSSP).

Coordinated services and supports plan (CSSP)

A concise account of the individual's selection of supports and/or services, along with their preferences for the manner in which these supports/services are provided. A CSSP is exclusively compiled if the person is eligible for and opts to receive publicly funded home and community-based services and/or state plan services.